HotScream Ice Cream

HotScream is the newest, most unique twist on the perennial favorite dessert, ice cream.  Just try HotScream one time and you will come back for more!

Check out all 7 flavors with more on the way!

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HotScream is the ice cream you have to try!  Once you do, you'll never look back.

HotScream is made from the finest ingredients and all flavors start with a base of all natural vanilla ice cream infused with amazingly flavored spicy swirls plus the 'kick' of a cool touch of heat at the finish! An amazing sensation that's unexpected, truly unique, absolutely memorable.

Now you might think: 'Do I really want to try a product called HotScream? Not sure if I do but I'm definitely intrigued.'  Truth is 97% of those who tried HotScream say: 'Wow.  This is really, really good ice cream.  Smooth, creamy......and then......Oh! There's the heat and there is no burn!  That's amazing!  How on earth did you do that?'

Now are you intrigued?  We bet you are and all it takes is one delicious try.  You will be amazed and we guarantee a smile 

So please stop by at your closest HotScream location and pick up a pint of HotScream today (see Where can I buy) and join the 97%'rs.  We know you'll be happy you did when you try the newest, most unique, memorable and hottest ice cream on the market today!


The Spicy Ice Cream

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